Page scroll report: How to achieve this?

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So, we’d like to have an explorer table with all urls and their totals of 25, 50, 75, 100 built-in page scrolls (per url). I can’t seem to be able to get the page urls (or better page names) along with these data.

Also do you happen to know what’s exactly 25, 50, etc on a given url? Is there a way to check that? Any tool? imagine you don’t get as many events on a given video or CTA, and first thing you want to check or rule out…is whether people do actually scroll down to where that action is.

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Something like this? You can also switch the order of nested dimensions.


If you mean the page title then it’s not available by default for custom events. You can add the page title as a custom event dimension to the Piwik PRO tag. Once added, the dimension should persist for the whole page view (including scroll events).

Wouldn’t this kind of report show this piece of information or am I missing something?

Thank you @anthonybartczak is there a Piwik tutorial/example on how to do this?

So @anthonybartczak the idea is to have all page urls containing blog listed and the total amount of events of 25, 50, 75 and 100 for each url. Something like this:

I can’t seem to get it done on Piwik…


  1. Create a new TM variable:

  2. Add a new event custom dimension

  3. Add it to the Piwik PRO tracking tag:

(I’ll answer the rest in a different response)

thanks a lot @anthonybartczak done!

hi @anthonybartczak so any suggestion/recommendation on how to reflect that type of report on piwik? Thanks a lot!

Sorry for the late response @Elena_Benito_Ruiz:

Responded there as the report structure seems pretty similar.

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