Difference between "Watched" and "Progress - 100%"


On the video events report both “Watched” and “Progress - 100%” are reported. What is the difference? My understanding means that when a video has been viewed 100% it is considered “watched”. Yet the numbers of these metrics are not the same.

Thanks for clarifying this.

Hi @LoneWolves,

“Progress - 100%” appears faster in events than “Watched” so if someone exits fast enough right after finishing the video the “Watched” might not appear. On the other hand sometimes 100% progress doesn’t go through becuase for example YT doesn’t send the 100% information when someone skips to the end. Then only “Watched” is sent, so Piwik is only able to catch the “Watched” event.


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Thank you. Is there somewhere a list where the definitions of these video events and how they are collected can be found?

For YT we just track data that YT API sends us: YouTube Player API Reference for iframe Embeds  |  YouTube IFrame Player API  |  Google Developers
For HTML5 videos we track listener events like “play” HTMLMediaElement: play event - Web APIs | MDN