Not all Magento orders are captured in Piwik


we have implemented Piwik Pro for more than 2 months now on the e-commerce website based on Magento and that sells the boat tickets. At first glance the implementation is working and we see the data on Piwik side. However there is always a delta of around 20% between the orders in Magento and orders in Piwik Pro, meaning that we have less orders in Piwik Pro than in Magento. We have searched for a pattern (different types of items, trips, combinations of the offers) but couldn’t spot any yet. Is it considered normal to have such delta? What can affect it? (cookies, ad blockers?)

Thanks in advance for your reply

I have the same issue with woocommerce!

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This can be influenced by the fact that visitors may use adBlockers or reject your site’s consent. The 20% in this case is a perfectly normal discrepancy when we take these factors into account.