Missing orders with WordPress-Woocommerce plugin integration

Hi, I’m using piwik in the free version on one of our website. I was looking at the e-commerce report and I saw many orders are missing.
In last week in woocommerce we have 138 completed orders and in piwik we get only 43 orders (even the total order amount reflect this difference in the number).

I’m using the official piwik plugin for woocommerce, and it seems to be working as some order are sent to piwik, but not all. I’m not able to find what can be the issue.
It seems quite random as the missing order and the order listed correctly don’t seems to have any difference.

Anyone else have same problem and maybe a solution?

Thanks, M.

Hi Michele,

Would you be able to share a link to place where order is made here in the thread or if you prefer in private message?