Ecommerce - full funnel from dataLayer data

Hi there:-)

PP has some tag templates for specific Ecom events where the standard GA4 dataLayer is used.

Why are there no templates for view_item_list, view_cart, begin_checkout, add_shipping_info, and add_payment_info?

I am assuming here that those events can be used to create a custom Funnel report.


Unfortunately, events for these dataLayer names that you mentioned can only be handled through custom events as there is currently no native solution for these ecommerce events in Piwik PRO.

You will find more details about this in this article: Set up ecommerce tracking | Piwik PRO help center

Thanks for getting back.

I understand that they are not available except for using custom events.

From my perspective it would seem to be a pretty manageable dev task to copy, say, the view_item based PP template and publish for the others as the first one already uses the GA4 dataLayer. No such thing in the roadmap?

Hi @Anders,

Of course, there are plans to expand the functionality of our ecommerce. Currently, it is difficult for me to give a more precise date and more details. All news and changes can be observed in our change log.

I would like to add the begin_checkout event to the e-commerce tracking. However, I have a hard time finding the documentation necessary to utilize the begin_checkout dataLayer.

I tried to use the template, but I don’t understand how to extract items data from the array and use the values for dimensions in the tag.

Is there a way to pass this to PP and to get it processed? Including ab arbitrary number of items.

“event”: “begin_checkout”,
“ecommerce”: {
“currency”: “NOK”,
“value”: 319,
“coupon”: “”,
“items”: [
“item_id”: “701223”,
“item_name”: “Levis Men 2pk Sportswear Logo Boxer”,
“affiliation”: “B2C”,
“coupon”: “”,
“discount”: 0,
“index”: “0”,
“item_brand”: “Stichd”,
“item_category”: “Levis Man”,
“item_category2”: “Undertøy”,
“item_category3”: “Boxer”,
“item_variant”: “Red/Black”,
“price”: 319,
“quantity”: 1