Tagging Issue with Piwik Pro E-commerce Product Detail View

  1. I am currently in the process of testing Piwik Pro for our upcoming implementation. I am facing an issue related to event tracking, specifically concerning the firing of a tag associated with an e-commerce product detail view.

  2. To provide you with more context, I have successfully created and implemented a tag in Google Analytics 4 (GA4) using a custom event called “view item,” which corresponds to the product detail view on our website. This event is accurately tracked and registered in GA4.

  3. when attempting to replicate the same functionality in Piwik Pro using the e-commerce product detail view tag, labeled as “PDP_View,” I am encountering difficulties. Despite the tag being set up correctly, it does not fire as expected when user interacts with the product detail view on the site.

  4. I understand that accurate event tracking is crucial for our analytics efforts, and your support in resolving this matter is invaluable to our successful implementation of Piwik Pro. Thank you in advance for your time and assistance.

Hi @rasheeda,

I might need more details. Especially:

  • How does the dataLayer event look like? It can be either a screenshot or a piece of code.
  • How does the Piwik PRO product details view tag look like? Preferably a screenshot of the tag details and the trigger.

You can also share the website URL with me. Either here or in a private message.

It looks like the dataLayer structure you are using for ecommerce tracking is gtag GA4, so the dataLayer event is different. Gtag events are prefixed with arguments., so you should either add it to the event name field or change the condition to contains.