Enforce Consent Selection in CMP

We would like to enforce that a user has to decide of giving consent or not.

Currently the CMP can be “hidden” via the close, the classic “click on background” and isn’t shown on page reload - if no consent is given.

Are there currently ways to enforce a decision?

Hi. Currently not, but this feature is on our short term roadmap :slight_smile: Stay tuned!

just hide the close button with css or give it a white foreground color in the template editor :no_mouth:


@mbaersch That’s what we’re currently doing ^^
But as you know I don’t like unclean stuff :smiley: And want this done in code

If you want to hide, there’s actually a dedicated setting for that:

Good news - there’s is a new option available - Consent form with blocked content:

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@kuba This is awesome - already activated and deployed it.
Great! :slight_smile: Thank you very much