Error in CMS editor

One of my websites is running on Odoo. This CMS has a frontend (inline) editor to manage website content.
When Piwik Pro is added to this website, I get a lot of errors:

Any idea what could be causing this? It’s quite annoying because every time an error appears, my editor is broken and I have to reload the page (or even disable Piwik Pro while editing).

Could you please share where I can find this error?

Hi there!

This error is a result of how the Odoo editor functions. Some clicks are made on elements that are not HTML elements, which causes the installed on the page container code to throw an error. Since the editor functions in a way that causes problems with Piwik PRO tracking code, the suggestion I have is to avoid tracking data in the editor (if there is a way of identifying when the user is in the editor and not on the site).

Thanks. Is the Piwik code causing this error or Odoo?

This specific error we are talking about comes from Piwik PRO container code. As I mentioned, some of the clicks in Odoo editor are made on elements that cause errors in the tracking code.

Can I configure things differently in Piwik so that the error disappears?

For now I’ve disabled the Piwik Pro tag if it’s running inside an iFrame:

function () {
  var r = false;
  try {
    return window.self !==;
  } catch (e) {
    t = true;
  return r;

For the error to disappear we would need to ensure that the elements that are clicked in editor are compatible with the events that the tracking code is sending. This may be impossible to do if you don’t have access to the editor’s source code and it may cause issues with editing in the future.

On Piwik PRO side, the only thing we would be able to do to achieve this is to disable tracking whenever you are in editor. Does the issue persist after the change to Piwik PRO tag you mentioned?

No, it’s gone now, but it’s a lazy solution :slight_smile:

Thanks anyhow for your help.