Error when calling session API


I have tried the API call /api/analytics/v1/sessions/. However, I am getting an error message shown below. I am sure that my authorization header is correct because it is working for the other API calls. Could you please advise on how to solve this?

“errors”: [
“detail”: “You do not have permission to perform this action.”,
“status”: “403”

Hi, please check if the user whose API credentials you’re using has access to the Analytics module.


Could you be more specific? I have already made many API calls to Analytics module, but not successful with this.

Hi @Costa_Tan,

Jarek meant either Owner privileges or access to the Analytics module.

Could you share the permissions settings for the user who generated this token?

I already have the owner privileges and obtained the token, but still got permission error

@Costa_Tan could you share the API call you’re sending (without bearer token of course). It’s a bit strange that it returns a permission error if the header works for other endpoints, so I suspect that the endpoint incorrectly reports the issue - the reason might be other than lack of permissions. That’s just a guess so an API call would be helpful for confirmation.

hi I managed to get it working today. thanks

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Great! Good to know that it works for you.
Would that be possible to share what was the problem and how did you solve it? That could be valuable for the community.