Events data takes too long to load in power BI

Compared to our data stored in Google cloud storage, PIWIK’s events and session data are extremely slow to load into our model. This is slowing our project.
Is there a way to increase loading time ? Maybe removing necessary columns, like stop repeating session’s information for each event in that session.


It might be possible. Do you use the Power BI connector, raw data exports or Azure Blob by any chance?

Yes i am using the power BI connector form PIWIK’s website, is there a better way ?

Hi! A new version of the PowerBI data connector is under development. It will be officially released next week. However, there’s a beta version already available. Let me know if you’d like to join the early adopters group.

Hello Emilia, yes we would like to try it out, thanks for asking !

Hello @Leralix,

I have great news - we have just released a brand new version of the connector: Microsoft Power BI Desktop integration | Piwik PRO help center It also allows for utilizing the connector in Power BI service: Microsoft Power BI service integration | Piwik PRO help center

We’ve rebuilt the connector from scratch. As a result, you can experience significant performance improvements, dynamic column list retrieval, better error handling, and support for data refresh.

We’ll be looking forward to users’ opinions on the new version so feel free to comment after trying it out!

Thank you!

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