Looker Studio loading times extremely long using Piwik PRO analytics connector


I’m looking for ways to optimize loading speeds in my Looker Studio Dashboard. Even simple stuff without any transformation can take more than 20 seconds to load which is killing user experience. I’m using the Piwik PRO Analytics connector. Are there any options to increase performance?

Hello @Marlies,

We’ll look into it. From our experience, Looker Studio works like that with any data connector, especially those that connect to external APIs.

In the meantime, you could check your “Data freshness” settings. Looker Studio temporarily saves data in a cache, so that you don’t have to download data multiple times, for example when switching back and forth between different date ranges, etc.


I have similar problem.
In Looker Studio my dashboards are refreshing continusly. It’s a fine feature :wink: but loading every dashboard take a lot of time.
Could you help me switch on caching in Looker Studio for Piwik PRO?