Piwik and cookiebot


I’ve set this up and followed the guide 100%

However Debug mode shows this and i am unsure whether Piwik is actually blocked?

Hi @kf1web,

If you’d like to disable the Piwik PRO tag from firing when opt-out is enabled, you have to enable this setting in the tag:

If you’d like to completely eliminate the tracking when vistors don’t consent to analytics then you should look into disabling the Collect anonymous data from non-consenting visitors setting (Administration > Sites & apps > Privacy > Consent settings).


Thank you. It works!

I would assume the setting just above called “Consent type” would be controlling behaviour. That should probably be greyed out if do not respect was choosen.

The consent type set in the Piwik PRO tag controlls when the deanonymization happens. I’ll file a feature request to make this a bit clearer.