Expanding Piwik Functionality: Sending Sets of Items in Events


There is a significant feature missing in Piwik compared to GA4. I’m referring to the ability to send sets of items within an event. In GA, we have the “view_item_list” event where I can send an array of products displayed in a category. The data from this event is crucial for determining the order of product display to users and analyzing category page performance.

If Piwik had such functionality, it would greatly facilitate my work. Additionally, it would be even more beneficial if this capability could be extended to send lists for all events, not just those predefined by the system.

Hi @Michal_Boguslaw,

Welcome to our community! Thank you for your input.

Here’s a way to work with lists of products: Product detail view can take more than one product in it’s array. You can put the whole list of products seen by visitor there and if you need to distinguish between product detail view and product list view, you can add a custom dimension telling you what type of view was this: