Façade/Lazy Loading Youtube and Play/Pause events: any impact?

Hi, I see we have more pauses than plays in our videos report. I would expect this if the videos played automatically and people stop/pause them. But it’s not the case so I can’t seem to understand the behavior explaining this. We use façade/lazy loading on videos: could this be messing up the whole video event tracking? Or is there any other possible explanation?

Hi there!

Firstly, I think you should take into consideration the number of “resume” events too :smiling_face: Since when someone pauses and plays it counts as resuming a video. When we look at the number of plays and resumes it doesn’t look that strange compared to the number of pauses.

On a different note - videos being lazy loaded could affect the accuracy of video tracking. Since they are loaded only when they come into view, maybe some users might have clicked play before they were fully loaded - resulting in a pause event until the video buffers enough to start playing? So if you feel like the numbers are off, then I recommend checking the video player and how it behaves on the site, and also using the debug mode to see if the video events are being sent correctly :slight_smile:

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@sararekowska I’d like to apologize for replying this late! It totally skipped my mind!
Great remark about the resume and the buffering too. We will check!