Feature Request: Real-time analytics

Hey! We got this project that’s very comparable to selling concert tickets when it comes to traffic patterns. Currently it seems that at best, we have a 1-2 hours delay before data appears.

What we wish is the possibility to see exactly what pages our users are visiting right now, if any of them have converted yet, if they got any javascript errors or custom events and the total amount of traffic/page views per minute, the last hour.

I’m sure it probably ads complexity and worse performance to the current script and for our need, we know very well when we need it due to campaigns or releases so it would be nice to be able to switch it on/off or maybe choose triggers through the tag manager.

Thanks for detailed requirements. Real-time reports are indeed on our list, but we don’t have any ETA yet.

BTW. have you checked tracker debugger API? It works realtime, but definitely has its limits. Link here.

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