Features included in iOS? Tag management? Consent management?

I read through the iOS SDK Docs

And I got the impression that you have pass data directly to Analytics rather than making use of the tag manager when working with the iOS SDK.

So my questions are:

  • When working with the iOS SDK, can I use Tag manager by passing events that triggers picks up the same way I work with the web.
  • Does the consent manager module work in iOS or am I forced to make a custom consent form along with checks on which tracking is allowed to run?

If none of these are supported, are there any future plans to bring more support to iOS.

Hello @Jonathan_Hellqvist,

At the moment our SDKs pass data directly to Analytics, exactly as you said.

We don’t provide a mobile Tag Manager. Our Consent Manager module also doesn’t work with mobile apps, but we provide a couple of features in the mobile SDKs that help with collecting data in mobile apps in a privacy-compliant way:

You can use those two features in your app settings to control what data you collect with the mobile SDKs. As you probably know, we also don’t use any cookies in mobile apps.