Consent management mechanism clarification

Here is my current setup:

  • I’m using Piwik PRO Tag Manager and the provided container code on the site (one domain only).
  • There is the main ‘Piwik PRO’ tag and a few other tags that capture form impressions.
  • The consent type for all tags is set to ‘Analytics’. This is the only type of consent I use overall.
  • Administration → Site/property → Privacy → Ask visitors for consent is ON. The form is showing.
  • ‘Collect anonymous data from non-consenting visitors’ is ON. Session hash and visitor cookies for non-consenting visitors are ON.

My ultimate goal is to fire ALL tags for both consenting users and those who ignore the consent form [anonymous is enough, I only need basic analytics]. In other words, I’d like to see analytics for ‘Analytics = 1’ and ‘Analytics = -1’ visitors. Of course, I respect the right of those who explicitly opt out and do not collect analytics from ‘Analytics = 0’ visitors.

Looking at the flowchart on this page, I understand that for users who ignore the consent form, only my Piwik PRO main tag will fire, whereas my other tags will not.

Do I understand it correctly? And if so, shouldn’t I then set the consent type for those other tags to ‘no consent is required’?

Thank you.