Filter Conversion Rate only when an event happened in the same session as the conversion

Hi anyone willing to help with this use-case.

The situation I have concerns different entry points. The conversion form happens in one place, but the ways the user could get there are more than 1.

So my questions are:

  • How can I filter sessions having an specific event getting triggered?
  • How can I use that mentioned segment to get a calculated metric?

Let me give a quick example:

If someone is clicking a navbar CTA to get to a form. I want to know this formula:

Formula: forms/navbar CTA clicks

Where forms are the conversions that happened only in sessions where that navbar CTA was clicked, not all forms.

Can someone help? Hope I’ve explained myself better.


Hi. First of all, you can create a session-based segment for your final goal.

So, in my example, I’d take some goal and apply a segment checking if another goal was also completed during this session.

You can also try to visualize this case with the use of User Flow report. You mark the final conversion as the key step and define the mentioned micro conversions as previous steps.

If you need it in a more tabular view, you can create a custom report that lists as columns conversions for specific goal names.

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Thanks Kuba.

Maybe I’ve explained myself wrong. I want to generate a conversion rate (calculated metric) where I only consider a specific goal ONLY when another goal was fired within the same session.

My main concern is: are we able to achieve this by using filters instead of segments?

Thanks for the context. Calculated metrics don’t support segmentation in their definitions. That’s a cool feature request though. Let me forward it to the product team.

When it comes to filters, those work similarly to the segmentation. The only reason is that they are applied only to one specific report. So the first scenario from my previous post should also work with filters.

Thank you so much! I’ve been playing around and this works.

+1 for this feature request (mentioned above by Kuba)

Additional annotation: It would be great within segment definition to define the scope of a segment: I.e. "I want all users who viewed site X AND who fired event Y (on page Z) WITHIN the same (it would be great if one could choose this:) session or user or pageview.