Calculated metrics from Custom Event Actions


I’ve created a funnel in reports to analyze the different steps during the registration process. In order to achieve this I’ve created custom events, e.g. “Step 1 - Page View” up to “Step 5 - Thank you”.

Now I would like to create a report in order to measure the conversion rate of page views divided by successful registrations. I wanted to do this by creating a new calculated metric but I’m not sure how to built the correct formula based on specific custom event actions.

For example, the syntax for custom event action is {custom_event_action}. But I would need to divide the
sum of custom event action = "Step 1"
by the
sum of custom event action = "Step 5".

Can you point me to the right direction? Where do I find a documentation about the proper syntax of calculated metrics? (This one here didn’t really help me with described challenge: Create your own calculated metrics • Piwik PRO help center)

Thank you and best regards

Hi! What about using goal conversions for each of those steps? You can configure the goal so, that the conversion happens whenever some event is triggered. Then you could use {goal_conversions,goal_id=<your ID>}. It’s a nice approach that allows you to measure micro and macro conversions and visualize them in a table.

Hi Kuba, thanks for getting back so quickly.

Yes, I have a goal for successful registrations. So I could go with {goal_conversions,goal_id=4}.

And how would I build the calculated metrics formular so that sum of page views (of a specific page) will be divided by {goal_conversions,goal_id=4}?

If it’s not a super popular page and it’s just a part of the funnel (ideally an important micro conversion event), I’d simply also mark it as a goal and go with something like {goal_conversions,goal_id=4}/{goal_conversions,goal_id=5}.

The successful registration is a goal, the page view of the registration page currently is not a goal :slight_smile:
Shall I create such goal (“Page view of registration page”) or isn’t this a little over engineered?

It’s a popular approach to mark visits on the landing page as micro conversions. The only disadvantage is that it may affect the bounce rate. Still, you care in this case about the conversion between page view and form completion.

Such setup will make it easy for you to visualize the metric with breakdown, for instance, by location or channel that visitors used to reach to the website.

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