Filtering in Google Data Studio / Looker Studio


Is anyone else experiencing some issues with filtering on reports in Google Data Studio / Looker Studio?

Some examples I’m currently facing:

1. Custom dimension filtering
We have a (session based) custom dimension which is shown correctly in Piwik PRO interface and as a field in Data Studio. When filtering on one of the values specifically, all graphs and tables give an error…

2. Blank value exclusion
In our country report, there is a row showing a blank value. When applying a filter, excluding the blank value, the report breaks…

3. Custom events drilldown
In the dashboard, we have a table showing the list of custom events, with a drill-down to custom event action and custom event name. When drilling-down, the table breaks.

Anyone else experiencing similar things?

Kind regards

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Hello! I’m also facing this issue. Found a workaround that consists in blending the Piwik PRO source with itself, like this:

Then, use this blend in both graphs and filters, it should work fine:

Not very practical, however. I hope a fix is coming!

@Thomas_Anode_FR Thanks a lot for sharing! Will check it right now!

A fix is indeed coming and it will relate to all filters that rely on Google’s “IN_LIST” filter operator. Basically, our Query API (the actual data source for the connector) doesn’t support those at the moment, but Looker Studio uses them for:

  • dropdown filters (like the one used in the custom dimension issue)
  • options related to pie chart slices
  • removing the blank value

The Looker Studio connector update with the fix included is coming in April. Stay tuned and you can follow our changelog to get notified when it’s released: Changelog Archive - Piwik PRO

We haven’t looked into custom events drilldown yet, but we will let our team know about this issue. We’ll get back with more details.

@Thomas_Anode_FR the workaround with blending the data source with itself is fascinating. How did you find it?


Great to hear that a fix is coming soon. :slight_smile:

I wanted to have a table that shows the click rate (clicks / sessions) on specific custom events, based on their category. However, as it is not possible at the moment to prefilter a custom metric in Piwik PRO (I don’t know if it’s in your roadmap, but it would be nice :slight_smile:), I chose to create this table via Looker Studio. For this, I created a blend with:

  • For the first table: all sessions
  • For the second table: custom events with a filter to only show the ones with the desired category

It worked well, and for whatever reason, I tried to add filters using this blend too. That’s when I saw it worked!

I just saw this post asking about filtered calculated metrics : Using a filter in a Calculated Metrics - #2 by Jarek

We just released a new update for our Looker Studio connector: (v. 1.0.7) Piwik PRO Analytics for Looker Studio

Version 1.0.7 includes:

  • Support for IN_LIST filters:

  • Better support for dropdown filters:

  • Better support for drilldown (for example custom events drilldown):

  • Improved support for narrowing down the number of pie chart slices:

Let us know if this update fixes issues from this thread!

One thing we noticed when testing is that even with support for dropdown filters, filtering out blank values can be pretty tricky. The best way to do that would be to set a filter like that:

…or like that:

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