Using a filter in a Calculated Metrics

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I’m trying to create a calculated metric, in which I want to subtract only a subset unique events based on the event action. Right now, it looks like it’s only possible to subtract all unique events that occured on a page. Is it possible to add a filter? What would that look like? This is what my query looks like:


I want to filter the amount of unique events based on the action ‘Clicks on this button’ (dummy variable name, don’t worry :)).

Can always provide more information if needed!

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Thanks for posting that question. Filtering in a calculated metric is not possible at the moment and that’s a pain point I have as well while using the product. It’s something under consideration but I can’t provide any concrete dates and when (if at all) it could be added to the product.

Hi @Jarek,
Thank you for your response! Can you give an indication of when you think this feature might be added? And in the meantime, do you know anyway to work around this? Thank you in advance!