Getting issue on console while activate piwik pro tag

I am using piwik from long time and suddenly we are getting issue that “undefined is not a function”. I tried various things but unable to resolved but when I deactivate piwik pro tag from tag manager error get resolved. But still I am confused why this issue occurred suddenly and without deactivation of piwik pro tag how can we resolved it?

Thanks in advanced.

Screenshot 2022-10-13 at 10.52.19 AM


  1. Does the problem still occur?
  2. What browser and OS do you use?
  3. Can you share the url where the problem occurs?



  1. Yes, this problem is still occur.
  2. On both OS (MAC and Windows).
  3., Just inspect console.

I can’t reproduce it.

What version of browser and OS do you use? Do you have any extension or plugins that may interfere?

Ohh, maybe due to region issue. We are in India and maybe piwik does’t work here. But when I open this URL in another region I didn’t see any error on console.

We have reproduced it. It’s a bug related to region, but it doesn’t affect tracking mechanism. We are working on it.

Piwik PRO works in India :smiley:

Then why we are not able to see consent form in India region?

Did you see consent form in India before? You can manage whether it should be displayed outside the EU and GB in Administration/Sites & apps/“Your site”/Privacy.

Ask for consent in countries under the GDPR and UK GDPR
When this option is ON - we ask only GDPR visitors for consent
When this option is OFF - we ask all visitors for consent


Did we fix this undefined issue?


Fix will be deployed on monday (version 16.30.0).