Piwik Pro Tag Manager down

Hey everyone,

Anyone currently experiencing issues with Piwik Pro Tag Manager?
Tried to load the module on two different Piwik Pro Core account and cannot access it…

Thanks for your feedback!


Hi, there was a a very short issue (1-3min). Everything should be working properly

Hey Michal,

Thanks for your feedback.

Unfortunately, it is still not working on my side :/.
It has been down for about an hour now…

Did I miss anything?

Thank you

Double checked from Piwik PRO side and it looks fine. Have you tried switching browser and/or clearing cookies?

It is working with Firefox actually!
Not with Chrome

It looks like some local issue with Chrome browser then :slight_smile:

Could you test it in incognito mode in Chrome? Maybe some plugins causing it?

Indeed, tried with the Chrome incognito mode, but it is not working :confused:

Can you provide a screenshot of UI, including also the browser’s console tab (to check if there are any JS errors).