Display of all Google Ads campaigns in PIWIK

I’m quite new in working with PIWIK Pro. Now I have integrated one of my Google Ads accounts into PIWIK. My problem is that only one of three campaigns in this account is now displayed in the Google Ads Report in PIWIK. So the ontegration worked fine because I can see results from one campaign but the other two just don’t appear. Can anybody help?

Hi @NineT,
Welcome to the community.

For the campaigns that you don’t see in Piwik PRO check if:

  • they generated clicks as seen in your Google Ads account?
  • was the campaign active in the last 90 days? Google Ads API only allows us to download last 90 days of data, so if you just connected the account, this may be the issue.

Let me know if any of the above was the case.

Hi Piotr,

thanks for your response!

  • The two missing campaigns did generate clicks that I can see in Ads.
  • And all campaigns are active.

What’s more: I’m getting data from all three campaigns in PIWIK. It’s just the Google Ads Report that only shows one campaign.

Could you provide us with your Piwik PRO account address ([…].piwik.pro) and a screenshot of the campaigns in Google Ads account?

Don’t share it publicly here. Instead, please use this email address: support@piwik.pro.

We’ll post our findings in the thread once we figure this one out with you :slight_smile:

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Just sent the e-mail

My shot is that those two campaigns are Discovery type of campaign. If so, then they won’t appear because they’re not supported by the Google Ads API (here are listed supported types)

Thank you, Jarek! I also got some infos from the PIWIK Pro support and we are checking all of them. Once we have a result, I will post the answer.