Google Ads Enhanced Conversions

Hi all,

Is there any plan to upgrade the existing Google Ads Conversion Tracking template to include Enhanced Conversion metrics a la GTM?
We’re currently firing via the raw code Google Ads spits out as a custom code tag and it appears to be working fine but given the new Consent Mode v2 updates that Google are pushing out and them starting to push Enhanced Conversions more - I wondered if there are any plans to update this template or create a new one to compensate?

It would make life a lot easier as we have multiple ad accounts to manage under one meta site setup.

Thanks in advance!

As of right now there are no plans for that, I’ve created a feature request to enhance the GAds conversion tag.


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Thanks @Oliwer_Kaczmarek, appreciated! :slight_smile:

Google is pushing hard for enhanced conversions. @Oliwer_Kaczmarek Will it be in your road map soon?