Google Ads integration


I followed the instructions on integrating Google Ads with Piwik Pro from this link: Google Ads integration | Piwik PRO help center

Although I can now see the Google Ads data in the Piwik reports, I have noticed that the campaign information is missing. Specifically, all traffic is labeled as “google ads unknown” with no data on ad groups. Did I make a mistake during the integration process?

Thank you.

Hi. Are you using standard campaigns or performance max?

standard campaigns only .

Did you enable auto-tagging? Our integration relies on the gclid parameter that is added to the landing pages’ URLs.

The “Campaigns” section shows reports only for data tracked by Piwik PRO tracker. Go to “Google Ads” section to see imported campaigns data.

You can read more about “google ads unknown” in following threads:

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Great, thanks a lot.