Google Analytics import?

No plans for a Google Analytics import tool, not only to import sites and settings, but also import (most of) the GA reports data? Like the Matomo tool for this… :slight_smile:

Hi. Matomo pre-aggregates data and that’s the only reason why such an importer exists. For many web analysts it’s not enough to have only aggregates without the possibility to do segmentation and custom reporting. The only viable option that I see is to import raw data from BigQuery, which in case of UA is limited only to paid 360 plans.

Hello kuba, I don’t know if I agree with you on this one :slight_smile:

I think having some data is better then having none at all. Would be a nice addition to have my GA data like sessions, visitors, pageviews, average session time in my PiwikPro dashboard. A lot of analytics services are giving that option right now, so why not PiwikPro? You can always explain to your customers that it is aggregates data and why.

I understand. In this case my recommendation is to use any BI tool (there are a few available for free) to create a snapshot of aggregated data.