Offline conversions import

Dear Piwik Pro Community,

thanks for all the great work. :slight_smile:
I am currently a user of Matomo and I’ve just found you today and wasn’t even aware that there was something like a fork some years ago.
It seems like Piwik Pro is very interesting and promising for me and my company but there is one thing which we would really miss:

With Matomo (and a paid plugin called: “Adverstising Conversion export”) it’s possible to automate the above described process of uploading conversion data for Google Ads and Microsoft Ads (To upload them as “offline” conversions).

As I’ve understood the only possible way to do this in Piwik Pro is to export the data as CSV save it locally and afterwards upload it the relevant Ads Platform? This process would be really tiresome to do. We need this data on a daily basis so this would mean I have to upload this csv files every day.

I am not sure if I am on the right place to make feature requests, if no than sorry. Feel free to move my posting to wherever it is accurate. :wink:

I would be very happy to see this feature in Piwik Pro.

Thanks and best regards

Hi. Thank you for all the kind words. Just to clarify, Piwik PRO is a product that was built from scratch, so it’s not a fork of Matomo. We just share parts of the APIs for backward compatibility.

As for your question - you’re correct. However, we plan to introduce data imports later this year. :slight_smile:


thank you for moving my request to the correct place. And also thanks for the fast response.
I am very glad that this is already on your roadmap :smiley:

Piwik Pro seems to match so much better to our needs in comparison to Matomo, it would be a shame if we “can’t” migrate because of this topic.

Thanks again

hey! @kuba do you have if sending offline conversions from external sources (Ej.CRM) to PiwikPRO is something possible?

Hi. Not for now. As I said, we’ll be gradually adding data import capabilities, but I don’t have any ETA yet.

Hi Kuba - any updates on this :slight_smile:


We are planning to import conversions from Piwik Pro to Google Ads, and a process for automated uploading of the goal conversions into Google Ads would be great. Is there now a way to transfer conversion data from Piwik Pro to Google Ads automatically?