Google Search Console integration: expired?

We have integrated Google Search Console into Piwik and it seems that the integration has expired:

Do you know how or where I can change the “To:” date?

Thank you

Hi Julian,

can you confirm that it indeed doesn’t work? Mentioned screenshot presents the date range for which data is currently available. There’s a few days delay because of Google’s policy regarding the data availability via API. See also this article.

Hi Kuba,

I checked today the SC Report and you can see in the screenshot that the data flow has been interrupted around Aug 21:

THIS made me look into the SC integration and only then I saw that the “To:” date is in the past, so the “broken” report suddenly made sense.

I just don’t find any info in SC, Google Cloud API and in Piwik that points to an “expiry” date which I could extend.
Also, I deleted my Google Cloud API project and the credentials today, and re-created it. I thought that this might set the “From:” date to today, and the “To:” date to somewhere in the future. However, the “From:” and “To:” dates remained identical after I re-establised the SC connection in Piwik, which I don’t understand at all, either.

Any clue where I should look for to extend the timeframe?

Thank you

As I mentioned in my previous post:

Below the table with the to: field there’s a blue info box:

Hope that helps. :slight_smile:

I’ve had the integration working already. Then I saw an end of data in the report today. To figure out the reason for this, I checked the integration. There I saw that the “To:” date was a few days in the past (“Aug 21”), so I understood why there was no more data being reported.

I disconnected the existing integration, went over to Google Cloud API and deleted my entire project. Finally, I followed the Piwik guide of how to connect SC and followed it step-by-step.
After I had created a brand new project in Google Cloud API, I connected it again in Piwik.
And to my surprise, the “From:” and “To:” dates where identical with the dates of my previous connection/Google Cloud API project.

What I would have expected is that the “From:” date of the Google Cloud API project created today would say “Aug 24, 2021” whereas it still says “Feb 2020” = last year.

So no, the blue info box doesn’t really help, I guess :slight_smile:

Thanks for the feedback. I’ll forward it to the product team.

Thank you, this is much appreciated!

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