GTM Container Setup via Piwik PRO Consent Management Tool


I would appreciate the help of the community on the issue. If a website uses Piwik PRO Consent Management Tool, what will be the best solution to install Google Tag Manager Container to the website? As GTM will be used for further Tags setup.

Appreciate your advice.

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what I do in a case like this: I add a Custom HTML tag to Piwik PRO Tag Manager for every type of consent that is required and push a consent event and a variable to the dataLayer in those tags.

use those events and consent state variables in GTM just like from any other consent manager.


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Also look into this: Manage consent settings (web)  |  Tags  |  Google for Developers you should pass the choices from Piwik PRO Consent Manager to GTM so tags ran in GTM are aware of the data processing scope