Heatmap and video tracking with GTM


we currently use Google Tag Manager, which controls/triggers Piwik Pro Analytics.

We would now like to use the heatmap and video tracking feature in Piwik Pro as well. Is there a way to trigger these tags via GTM?

If not, can Piwik Tag Manager be triggered/used via GTM?

Thanks a lot

Hi @overlap,
Welcome to our community!

I would recommend implementing Piwik PRO using this solution: Google Tag Manager: install a container (with a tracking code) | Piwik PRO help center. This will allow you to use our Tag Manager and use our premade tags for Heatmaps and Video tracking tags (HTML5 or Youtube)

It’s also possible to send events to Piwik PRO that will go to Video and Heatmap reports. To do so, you have to send custom events with particular namings for category, action, name:


  • Category: Heatmap events
  • Action: Click
  • Name: [CSS Selector] (example: #menu>ul.contact>li:nth-child(2))

Video events:

  • Category: Video - [name of the provider] (examples: Video - HTML5, Video - YouTube)
  • Action: [Video event, list below]
    Progress - [procentage of watched video] (example: Progress - 75%)
  • Name: [name of the video] (example: How to create a user flow report in Piwik PRO)


Hi Oliwer,

Thanks! I added the PIWIK tracking code in GTM & also added the tags in Piwik Tag Manager. If I use the debugger, both tags (Youtube, Heatmap) are shown as fired.

However, the YouTube Report is still empty & Piwik Site Inspector says, that it can be used on the website.

The tags in Piwik Tag Manager are set to “No consent required”. The tags are flagged as “Non tracking tag” - maybe this is the issue? How can I solve this?


Hi Martin,

Could you share with me via PM what is your instance?