How can I enhance / edit the built-in scroll, download, outlink, time on page etc. events

In PP Debugger, I see that an invisible Custom HTML tag is fired when one of the pre-configured Events fire, here a scroll example:


But these Events are just very basic ones without any Custom Dimensions, plus, they persist any prior Custom Dimensions and variables which I do not want (see separate topic). Is there a way to edit them and enhance them or is the only way to deactivate them altogether and set up my own event listeners for them? It would be a pity because I want to use as much as I can from the PP default stuff, but almost everything there seems to be built for very simple use cases.

Hi @loldenburg,

As of now (probably) the only way would be to use the custom dimension tag template and set the trigger to the corresponding event (e.g. scroll event). This is not ideal as you might not have an option to remove the custom dimension value after the event has been sent (related to this thread) apart from doing it on the next event (e.g. once you hit the 50% scroll).

Another approach would be to use the manual method but that kind of defeats the purpose of using built-in solutions.

I’ll create a feature request.