Ideas for tracking engagement


this one goes for all of you.

Would love to hear how people are tracking engagement in PiwikPro. Or if someone has a new idea to test.

For example, is there a way to track the number of pages the visitor has visited and the session time at once? Or something similar, like that the visitor has scrolled the page 100% and time on page is over 2 minutes.

All ideas and solutions are welcome. :slightly_smiling_face:

custom events for interactions with content, heatmap script, funnels if Iโ€™m looking for something more specific, depends what type of engagement Iโ€™m looking for, custom event dimentions for content viewed.

here you can find few nice scripts for Piwik that are useful:

Things like bounce rate, scrolled page %, or time on page - I would only consider them if Iโ€™m looking at similar pages in one group, ie. comparing blog posts, or few pages from features catalog on my page. Otherwise it might be a bit misleading.

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Hi perttu!

You can actually use the Page views in session and Session time dimensions (or their transformations) to display the data for the first part of your question.

As for the second one - we currently donโ€™t support the and operator while attaching triggers to a tag. You could try using a workaround, such as storing the information whether someone reached the 2 minute mark or scrolled 100% of the page in a window property variable and then reading it with a Custom JS Tag Manager variable.