How to add top highlights to your dashboard

Hi there

I’m trying to create a custom dashboard report including top level stats e.g. top publications/ articles based on page views over the last month.

Could anyone advise how best to set this up using the metrics/ dimensions and also advise if there’s a way to filter this data based on content that has been published on the website only during a specific/ set date range?

Many thanks in advance.

As for dimensions, most likely you’ll use: Page URL, Page title and the number of page views.

To be able to filter reports by e.g. creation date, you’d have to include that information while tracking a page view. This can be done by using event-scoped custom dimensions. Here is an article describing a similar use case: Track blog posts by authors and categories • Piwik PRO help center

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Thank you for the prompt reply, @kuba - this was really helpful. I’ve now managed to create a filter for just our publications. Many thanks.