How to check if recurring visits are being tracked correctly?

Hello piwikans,

I have an issue I hope you can help me with. Currently, we have two websites running Piwik Pro, and both of them show a less than 1% recurring visitors measurement. Google Analytics is still running beside one of them, and we see about an equal number of visits, but much higher recurring visits.

What settings can I check to ensure that recurring visits are setup correctly?

Kind regards,

Hi @codewulf0,

A couple things to check,

  • Is the Site URL added correctly in the administration area,
  • Are you using consent manager
  • Are you using cookies, if so did you change the cookie path or cookie name to store the cookie in?

.11 % returning visitors looks like an incorrect setting at first glance.

You can let me know the instance name and site you are using, in private message, so we can have a look what potentially might be incorrect. After you checked these obvious reasons.


Richard quickly found the solution. Thank you @rmastop :smile:
We’ve set our consent for the Piwik core tag as no consent required. But apparently this disables tracking visits.

Changing the setting below back to Analytics solved the problem according to Richard.