Can no longer see visitors who haven't given consent

I used to see all visitors in Piwik. Both the ones that gave consent (1), and the ones that didn’t (2), and the ones that didn’t choose at all (3).

For 1 and 3, the difference was no cookies (pk_ses, pk_id) would be set. For 2 cookies (pk_ses, pk_id) would be set.

Since the past few days I noticed that I couldn’t see users 1 and 3 anymore. Has something changed? When I give consent, the cookies pk_ses and pk_id are set and then I can see them in Piwik Tracker debugger.

Hi @Sjon,

To answer your question first - there shouldn’t be any recent changes impacting that.

Could you send your website URL? Either here or in a private message.

I have sent you a PM. Thank you!

Things I have found:

The custom consent form is enabled

…but it seems that you are setting the analytics consent to 1 before the decision in CookieYes.

In my opinion, this is the culprit:

addEventListener("DOMContentLoaded",(event)=>{if(getCookie("ppms_privacy_112c25ee-65bb-450c-aed5-346c2d18c788")==''&typeof ppms!=='undefined'){'setComplianceSettings',{consents:{analytics:{status:1}}}

Things I’d suggest:

  • Only set the consent when the decision is actually made. You can take a look at @jude_nwachukwu’s article.
  • (unless there’s a reason for the current setup) Switch the Piwik PRO tag consent type from No consent is required to Analytics. Once you do that, the deanonymization process will be triggered only if the analytics consent is present.
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Alright, thank you for checking. I’ll do some more reading :wink: