How to create an engagement goal to track visits with a specific number of pageviews?

Google Analytics used to have a goal template to create goals for visits during which x pages were viewed. How can a similar goal be created in PiwikPRO?

Hi there!

For now this kind of feature is only available in our CDP module, which you can read about here: Customer Data Platform - Piwik PRO. I will forward your post to our product team and make a feature request for the future :smile:

HI Sara, as we don’t use the CDP module is there any work around to craft a tag/goal that comes close to this? For content websites content consumption tends to be a prime objective. It’s hard to believe this is not readily available.


What I was reffering to was an out of the box functionality that is available in CDP module. But other than that, you could use our custom code tag to write any code you like. How you do this depends on your preferences and how you want to store the information about times a user visited a specific page (this could be, for example, in a cookie).

So there is no way to achieve something basic this in PiwikPRO without writing custom code? As I don’t write code I am looking for a solution that requires no code.

After all, PWP knows how many pages are viewed during each visit. So it should be fairly easy to provide a canned solution for this type of goal.