How to use CDP data for use in TMS?


I know that I can activate things in the TMS based on audiences from the CDP.

But are there any documentation or examples describing the use of CDP data, like normal variables/attributes, in tags or custom code living in the TMS?

This is something you can do with product from a competitor like Tealium, so I wanted to look into doing in Piwik Pro as a learning about the feature set.

Peter Meyer

Hi @pmeyerdk,

It’s currently not possible to access things such as attributes without authorization. So it’s not the best idea to use the non-public endpoints in a client-side code.

Right now you can fetch audiences that the profile belongs to and optionally store it in some sort of a cookie or local storage depending on the use case.

I’ll add a feature request for sure as it could be pretty useful.

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Hi @anthonybartczak,

Because I’m working in Tealiums CDP at work, I just assumed, that when I could use CDP attributes in client-side TMS there, I could do the same in Piwik Pro.

That would still be a great features, at least in some sort of limited and controlled way.
I kind of feel that the Tealium approach might be a bit dangerously open, if not used properly.

A use case would: Using the CDP to tracking a users favourite/most view content categories, to then return relevant info about this to the TMS, so that it could help surface content or links on site pages.
Another use case could be: Showing banners client-side, based on CDP audiences, but also including data from the CDP for display.

But all of this should of course very much be controlled, so that no one surface user data client-side, which never should have ended up there.


Thanks for the additional feedback, I’ll include it in the feature request.

Just as a “fun fact” - the previous solution called Audience Manager had a concept of attribute whitelisting. You had to enable public API access for each attribute separately which allowed for more granular control over what data you can pull.

Fun fact indeed :wink:
It sounds extremely close to what you can do in Tealiums CDP offering, plus also sounds like exactly what I am asking about.