HTML5 video tracking while Matomo is installed


I was wondering if using the first method described here to use Piwik PRO and Matomo at the same time is compatible with using an HTML5 video tracking tag. Can video tracking be affected?

I’ve set up an HTML5 video tracking tag and no data is appearing in the video analysis reports, so I thought it might be related to the way the Piwik PRO tag is set in the Tag Manager.

Note that the site we’re working on is on Angular, in case that is an important detail.

Also, the issue might just be due to the way the videos are embedded on the site. I can share the site in private if needed.

I’d also like to know: are HTML5 video tracking events included in the monthly actions count?

Thank you

Hi @Thomas_Anode_FR,

Yes and no. AFAIR the template has _paq hardcoded in it, so all of the events that are supposed to go to Piwik PRO event queue will end up in Matomo’s.

You can’t modify the template directly but you can copy it (either from your website’s source code or tag manager debugger) and add it as a custom HTML tag. Then simply change _paq to _ppas. I think this should be it.

Yes, video tracking is using custom events.

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Thank you Anthony, very clear!

I copy/pasted the code from the debugger and replaced _paq with _ppas. However, I don’t think it’s enough to make the tracking work in my case: I still don’t see data in the reports.

Also, I guess I should see a Piwik PRO request in the network tab when playing a video, but I don’t.

Do you mind taking a look?

Sure, you can send me the URL