HTML5 video tracking tag produces way too much actions

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the HTML5 video tracking tag within PPTM (as explained here: HTML5 video tracking tag | Piwik PRO help center) produces way too many events/actions. Is it possible to configure it, that only the “Progess - X%” events get tracked? Or that the “Seeked during playback” / “Seeked before playback” events get excluded from being tracked? Is there any possibility to define these requests with Javascript by myself inside a Custom HTML Tag, instead of using this PPTM tag?

If not, this is a feature request :slight_smile:

One more feature request: It would also be nice to deliver PPTM variables as values into the tag, i.e. to deliver a custom video name that I want define by own rules via a variable.

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Hi @thomasgerstmann,

It is a Feature Request material. But if you need a solution, here’s a workaround:

Instead of using the default YT (or HTML5) tracking Tag you could use instead the custom code one and change the script to match your needs.
How to get the script:

  1. Open your site in Debug mode.
  2. In Overview find your video tracking tag
  3. Copy the HTML TAG CONTENT

Now you have a code that you can edit to match your tracking needs.


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Thank you @Oliwer_Kaczmarek! Right now I am not working on this topic, but its good to know your hack! Kind regards Thomas