Making Piwik PRO work with Matomo while using Angular helper libraries

i’m working on an angular project and wanted to add piwik pro in addition to matomo.
I see the article but i’m using 2 packages @piwikpro/ngx-piwik-pro and @ngx-matomo/tracker and not the scripting tag directly.
is there a way to make both work with the packages ? or do we have to go through the scripts.

Best regards

Hello @Geoffrey,

Our ngx package does the two following things:

  • it implements the Piwik PRO Tag Manager code in Angular web applications
  • it provides different data collection methods for our Analytics

The first part (just installing our Tag Manager in the app) will not cause any issues when using Matomo’s package at the same time. However, the data collection methods are based on the _paq DOM object, which is also currently used by Matomo’s tracker.

We will implement support for using our alternative namespace in those dedicated data collection methods.

In the meantime, you could initiate Piwik PRO Tag Manager with our package without using our dedicated Angular methods.
Then, once Tag Manager is installed you would need to disable the default Piwik PRO tag and implement our workaround described in this article:’s-tracking-code

Let me know if the above instructions are clear.