I have not received an email to activate account

I have tried to create a Piwik PRO account, but I never received the activation email - and now I’m stuck and cannot start using the account.

Can anybody resend the activation email or something??

Hi @MJJ, welcome to our Community forum!
I’ll try to help you. Let me send you a personal message as I’ll need some details from you.

@TymekGF Same issue for me. I created an account, but I never received an email to verify it (searched in spam, searched everywhere; it’s a simple Gmail account). I also tried Forgot password (even though I hadn’t gotten to the point of creating a password), and no email ever arrived for that, either. When I try to just start over, the system tells me that the email address already exists (as does the account name for the site I was trying to set up). Can you help me, too?

Same issue here.

Problem for new accounts, lost password and all system emails.

Tried and tested many different email providers aswell. Microsoft private, google business and google private.

Hi @Tim_Wilson thanks for reporting it.
Can you ping me in a private message with the email address and the account name you wanted to register?

@Thom I have just replied to your private message, you gave me two emails, but here you mention three different configurations. Can you let me know the third one so I can check?

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Same issue as above. Did not get my activation mail.

Same issue. I’ve tried to activate an account yesterday, but I haven’t received the confirmation email (I’ve already checked in spam). Could you please help me?

hi @Angela, sure I’ll have a look.
Can you send me your registration details?

@CorBro can you share with me your registration details in a private message? I’ll try to help.

I got the mail later and was able to complete the registration. Thank you!

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Same problem for me…