Not receiving emails from Piwik Pro

I have stopped receiving emails from Piwic Pro (the
I have checked spam, bin etc.
I know I should be getting them, because I have 2 accounts on Piwic, but I am only receiving emails to the secondary one (site under construction). Not the primary one (site up and running).

Please help!

Hi. Which e-mail for instance? More the onbording ones or those with scheduled reports or account-related stuff?

Hi Kuba,
Thank you for replying!
I got the activation email but nothing after that so both the first onboarding emails and the first about tracking. Havent received anything about scheduled reports or account-related stuff.

Can you share both e-mail addresses on priv?

Just sent a private message - did that get through?

Yes, let’s continue on priv.

Thank you! Today I have received an e-mail on the right account, but it says Im not tracking and I have inserted the code and seen 2 visitors tracked in the dash board just like it can track backwards in time. On the other hand I received an e-mail for my other account saying that tracks - but the website doesnt exist!
What might be wrong?

Hi. We need also info about the respective account names for given e-mail addresses to check it in our CRM system.