Inserting tracking code into wordpress activates godaddy firewall


I am trying to insert Piwik Pro’s tracking code into my WordPress site using ‘insert headers and footers’ plugin.

In the past this has worked fine, however when I try and specifically insert Piwik Pro’s container into the body, it triggers the GoDaddy firewall which says “Block reason: An attempted XSS (Cross site scripting) was detected and blocked.”.

I have got in contact with GoDaddy, and they say that I need to whitelist Piwik Pro’s IP address so that it allows it… I am struggling to find the exact IP address as when I do a DNS lookup it says there’s 10+ of them which don’t work…

Any help would be much appreciated!

Hi @Tom,

Do you get the same errors with our official plugin?

Hi Piotrek,

I don’t get an error (it says settings saved), but the code isn’t actually put into the website… When looking at the source code no container is there, and no data is collected within tracker debugger.

Hi Tom,
Thanks for your explanation. I’ll need some account-specific details to assist you further, please check your message inbox within Community.