Is it possible to create a report like GA3's "Users by time of day"?

New to Piwik Pro - absolutely loving it, clean and simple and very easy to see and find the data I’m looking for without wading through a bunch of things I’m not.

One thing that’s very helpful to us in GA3 is the chart under the heading “When do your users visit?” – which shows a very simple chart of the traffic at all days/times. I haven’t seen anything similar to this in Piwik Pro, and didn’t see anything similar in the “12 useful custom reports” (which is very helpful btw)…

Thank you!

Hi @johnny_n,

Welcome to the community. I’m glad you like the product. Spread the good word :pray:

Is this what you’re looking for?

If so, here’s the definition of the report (Custom report → Bar chart):


Hi Piotr – thanks so much, I think that can get me close. I’ll start there…

I should have included this screenshot in my original post. This can represent any time frame and very easily gives a good idea of when the site receives the most traffic at a glance (darker is more traffic)… just quickly gives a nice “feel” for what’s happening with the site.

Thanks again, and will do! :grinning:

Oh, yeah. This is more comprehensive.

Unfortunately, we don’t have such two-dimensional representation.

I recommend analyzing two bar charts, one that I shared before and another with an extractions for days:

(see that there are other extractions you can get)

Or just export data out of the simple table with two dimensions with following extractions:

  • Date (group by hour of day)
  • Date (group by day of week)
    And create a pivot table in Excel/Sheets.

I know, the last one is suboptimal but it will get you the exact thing you look for.

Thanks so much for the additional information – this is very helpful, I’ll test these two options out and see which one is preferred. I really appreciate you taking the time to give me some suggestions!

All the best,

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