Issue with weelky PDF repport

I have drawn up a PDF email report containing a self-created dashboard.

In the weekly report I have included a flat table widget with these settings:

  • Date (group by week)
  • Page views
  • Average session time

In Settings> Scheduled reports I have these settings:

-Frequency Weekly

  • Period Last Week
    -Day of a week Monday
  • Source selection: my dashboard

Now PiwikPro is sending the PDF reports on the correct day but there are always the last 2 weeks in the widget, instead of just the last week!

The data for the last week is correct, but the data for the week before is also not correct at all (much too low).

But I only want to show the data from the last week in my weekly report, and not also an (incorrect) part of the week before!

See the attachment of a PDF weekly report. So it concerns the first widget at the top. Why are there 2 weeks there and not just the last week?

Weekrapport_einberg.net__einberg.net_on_demand.pdf (88.1 KB)

Hi! Could you send me a private message with your instance address so we can look into it more in detail? Thanks!

Hi @optipiwik! We identified that this is a part of an issue on our side related to how timezones are calculated. We are working on it, thanks for your patience! And I apologize for the issues this has caused you.

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