Scheduled reports not received

I have created two dashboard reports (monthly and quarterly). They are also listed under scheduled reports. The recipient did not receive any report today, although they should have. The report should go out on the 1st of each month. However, another scheduled report which I set up for myself (as a test) was sent successfully to my email address. What could be the issue?
Thank you for any help.

This is usually due to strict spam filters. Would it be possible for you to whitelist the domain in your mail server environment?

Hi Adam Sinior,

Thank you for your feedback. The recipient confirms that there is nothing in the spam folder. Could it also have something to do with the info message in the info box? It says “The e-mail will be sent on the selected day or on the last day of the month.”. So is it possible that the report will not actually go out until the end of the month? Thank you very much for your support.

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As for your question, we will investigate that. Could you please share your Piwik PRO instance name with me? You could do it here or via dm.

Hi, what is an instance name and where can I find it in the piwik pro account?

Well, the instance name is the account name, so the value that you provide in the login section + part combined:

Hi Asinior, i confirm that even for all my containers all email scheduled reports have not being sent on 1h february 2024. I have many containers with different reports so i think the problem is ralated to some issue to piwik PRO happened this month. Usually i had any problme with reports, all starts and it’s delivered correctly. Do you have any idea regarding this? Thanks

Hi, this is an error from our side and we are still investigating it. I will let you know under this thread as soon as it gets fixed.

Thanks, no problem, just to know if there wasn’t error by our side. Take your time to investigate!

Thanks! The account name is: bag-blueprint

We introduced a bugfix yesterday and the scheduled reports should work now.

Thanks for support, we’ll test next month.


I faced this same problem on the first day of this month. Great if the problem is now fixed. I don’t know is it related to same problem, but when I use “Send to me now” to receive last month’s report I do get it, but it starts from 31st of December and lasts to 31st of January. Not from 1st of January to 31st of January as I was expected.


we also faced this issue and now everything seems working, now the question is how can the users now get their reports, which didn’t work for the last month?
Thank you

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If there was a problem with the scheduled report, then you could manually export a custom report for a specific date range. Here is an article on that: Export a report | Piwik PRO help center