Issues with server-side GTM integration for GA4


was wondering whether there is any news on a GA4 GTM Server Template (since UA EoL is jut around the corner?

We’re currently in the process of testing Piwik Pro using GTM server-side tagging.

The (almost) official piwik server tag (Google Tag Manager (server-side) integration | Piwik PRO help center) works out of the box, but seems UA based.

We’re now testing a 3rd party server tag (GitHub - endgameapp/piwikpro-gtm-serverside-ga4: A tag template for Piwik Pro server-side tracking of ecommerce events inside Google Tag Manager (based on GA4 client)) which seems GA4 based.

Initial setup seems to be OK and we see the request being send from our GTM SST tagging server to your data collection endpoint (… ).

We also see a HTTP 202 OK Status message coming back.

However we don’t see any data appearing in piwik pro, also not in the piwik debugger.

Are we missing anything here?

tx in advance,

Hi. Have you checked the tracker debugger? Maybe those events are excluded for some reason?

tx for the quick reply kuba, unfortunately we’re not seeing anything in the tracker debugger

I think this was caused by a difference in how a GTM tagging server hosted in azure passes the ?cip= variable. It is passed as “[ip_address]:[port_number]” and the piwik endpoint does not seem to accept this (although is returns 202 OK, but I guess that’s also due to security)

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