Looker Studio cross-filtering / drop-down list filtering not working


It seems like cross-filtering inside a table or filtering data for a specific site or source using a drop-down list is not working anymore. I’m pretty sure it worked couple months ago, but I can be wrong, since we have many different data sources.

So for example, when I select a specific page from the Looker Studio table of our website data, all other metrics should change to reflect this selected page. Now it does not work.

Is this a known issue? I couldn’t find anything related to this exactly.


Hi @TTLMikko! We’ve made many adjustments to improve how filters work in the latest 1.2.0 release. You can find it here: Looker Studio (Google Data Studio) integration | Piwik PRO help center If you’re already using this version and the issues still occur, let me know and we’ll look into this immediately. Thank you very much!

Hi @Emilia ! Just checked on this with the latest 1.2.0 version. It does not work. Now there is no error message, but the data does not change to reflect the selected page.

Hello @Emilia , we still have this problem with 1.2.0.