Looker Studio missing some Custom Dimensions (IDs)

I was trying to report on a certain custom dimension (I call it preferredStore), and pretty sure it has Session Custom Dimension ID 1. But when I search in Looker Studio for the field called Session Custom Dimension 1, it’s not showing up.

Also, should there be 200 entries with that search filter? There are only 195.

Hi @addison,

Could you please let me know what is your current version of Looker Studio connector?

Hi @Adam , I’m seeing Version 1.2.0

Hi @addison,

Please press the “refresh fields” button in the bottom-left corner of the dimensions list to refresh the dimensions (see the screenshot attached) and after that search for the “preferredStore” dimension in the looker studio (the name of the dimension in the looker studio should be the name of the custom dimension in Piwik PRO UI)

Ah I see! Thank you @Adam